DATE: November the 17th, 2003

PLACE: classrooms, the lobby, the school hall

ACTIVITIES: panel discussion, regular classes (of philosophy, arts, civil education) with the help of interactive methods, surveys for students (random sample of 230 students from the first to the fourth grade), competition for the best art design dedicated to tolerance, ethnic-related exhibition in the school lobby.

CENTRAL EVENT: three level panel discussion for students:

                  I What do we think tolerance is?

                 II We have the right to...

                 III Questions for the Lady Mayor.

The guests were first presented with the results of the survey containing the above mentioned questions , which was the inducement for the discussion with the Lady Mayor and other guests about tolerance as it used to be in the past and as it is today in our society, about children`s rights and the activities of the City Council for the improvement of the same rights.

GUESTS: the Lady Mayor of the City of Belgrade, Mrs. Radmila Hrustanovic, the President of the Municipality of Zvezdara, Mr. Petar Moravac and the Secretary of the "Friends of the Children of Zvezdara", Mrs. Vesna Popovic.

MEDIA COVERAGE: television crews of RTV Studio B, RTS, reporters of Tanjug, Novosti and Politika followed by the reportage in the media.


What our students said about tolerance (some of the answers):


        tolerance is when we help each other

        tolerance is the ability to understand and accept the differences in culture, religion, customs

        tolerance is when my mum is not angry with me because of my marks

        tolerance is open-mindedness and culture of each individual and cannot be imposed on a person

        tolerance is when somebody asks us for advice and we listen and try to help

        tolerance is when "the neighbour`s cow is safe and sound" (the well-being of people who surround us)

        tolerance is the respect we have for the differences among people, the giving of a chance to those who make a mistake

        tolerance is a little bit of respect teachers should have for students instead of yelling and traumatizing us in school every day. Don`t they have children of their own who go to school and are treated in the same manner? How do their children feel?

        tolerance is giving the space to others and to their ideas

        tolerance is honesty, equality

        tolerance is what our society lacks

        tolerance is making allowances for somebody even when that somebody is in the wrong (e.g. in school)


What our students said about their rights (some of the answers):

 We have a right to:


        peace and freedom (considering the circumstances in our country and the feeling of insecurity our children have)

        family and security


        freedom of thought and speech

        social equality

        undisturbed growing up

        free medical help



THE FOLLOW-UP: after the television reportage we have been invited to continue with the media campaign of the school project.